More speed, more performance. Promised.

Premium quality in cold and hot forming

NORMATEC is active in the field of tooling within the sheet metal forming technology. We pursue the goals of our customers in optimizing investments and material savings as well as in securing delivery times. In doing so, we keep the highest quality standards and still manage to be faster than our competitors – in terms of delivery time and communication.

International and digital

We work internationally and consistently digitally, which creates ideal cost transparency and the fastest communication among all project participants. In other words, we meet all the requirements for managing your project technically and commercially.

More experience for more efficiency

At NORMATEC, we give our customers the confidence to master the biggest challenges in production. And because we know exactly what we are doing and how we can support you through plenty of experience, we even promise you success.

We are specialists for

Sheet metal forming –
cold and hot forming

for class A-, structure- and progressive parts

EV lightweight

for class A-, structural and die-casting aluminum parts

Project management
Tool tracking
Tool acceptance

What can we do for you?

We meet new demands in material, accuracy, processing.


We shorten runtimes through maximum effectiveness and thus reduce costs.


We ensure that sheet metal parts are ready on time and in the best quality.


The best conditions for optimum production: Normatec Try outs.


Save on weight, but not on quality.


Our robot programming supports the optimal manufacturing process.


Precise hemming technique for top quality and top look of the vehicle.


We solve your staff problems.


Profit from our experience as well.

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25 years of experience on countless projects for nearly all big players.

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We bring lightweight construction and sustainability to the road.


„We manage through our know-how to bridge the mentality and language barriers and to bring the contents of our customers, the foreign suppliers closer. Misunderstandings are avoided, communication channels are clarified and accelerated.“

Normatec Werkzeugtechnik Manuel Sanchez

Manuel Sánchez

General Manager at NORMATEC