Our aspiration

Fast. Forward. We are fast and always think ahead to the future.


We are fast. And without neglecting precision and quality of work. And we consistently work sustainably, know the current trends in the industry and master the technology to optimize production at our customers.

In addition, we stand for sustainably good relationships with all customers, suppliers, business partners and employees. We achieve this with 100% commitment, appreciation, fulfillment of expectations and trust.

Know-how and passion for optimal efficiency

We will be pleased to provide you with straightforward support for all your production requirements and, together with you, we will always take the most efficient way. We have the best in their field working for us with a great deal of experience and practically unlimited commitment.

Maximum transparency

Our performance and our effort as well as our costs are always transparent for you and can be called up at any time because we are consistently digitally organized. In doing so, we attach great importance to providing you with an excellent return on investment for all tasks.

Your goals are our goals

  • Quality in all processes incl. assurance of a safe production process

  • Increase in productivity, such as increase in cycle times / strokes per minute

  • Reduction of downtimes, optimal use of production capacities

  • Shortening of project times

  • Utilization of savings potentials, e.g. blank size optimization with lower material costs
  • Safety first: Maximum occupational safety to prevent accidents, protection of operating equipment from damage

  • Reduction of running costs through preventive measures

„We work every day on optimizing our internal processes to become faster, save costs, and meet our high zero-defect goal. In this way, we always also achieve tangible added value for the customer and for the employees.“

Normatec Werkzeugtechnik – Ihr Kontakt Manuel Sanchez

Manuel Sánchez

General Manager at NORMATEC