Digital work processes

Sheet metal forming with 100% cost transparency, speed and safety.


Thanks to our consistent digital deployment planning and control, including working time recording, control of process quality and customer satisfaction, and even digital employee training, we can ensure full cost transparency at all times with the highest speed and maximum process reliability.

Digital and efficient: In all parts of the world

  • We are usually faster than our competitors and usually on site within 24 hours. And in all parts of the world, even in the local language.

  • We hire only the best toolmakers and project managers we can find in the world: Know-how, experience and commitment come as standard.

  • Thanks to consistent digitization, we are always transparent for you: comprehensible at all times in terms of project progress and costs.

Steffen Fasselt

„Normatec 4.0. means for us, we go one step further: Today we also bring AI software into use. In addition to all the advantages of the ideal process and data security for the company, the satisfaction of the customer is always at the center of our creative work on new software solutions.“

„We combine the extensive experience of our international team with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure in such a way that the security and redundancy of our data is ensured worldwide and the effectiveness of our processes is maximized. Our customers also benefit in both directions from the precision, speed and transparency in all processes. However, our software must also always be as intuitive as possible for our employees to use, so that it integrates into their daily work, can be learned quickly, simplifies processes and thus accelerates the workflow. We work continuously and with full commitment on the optimization of our internal processes, so that we can provide our customers at any time with precise information about the services provided – but also promptly obtain the customer’s confirmation of the service as a basis for invoicing – this is part of our digitally supported risk management. But Normatec 4.0. means much more: We move with the times and use the latest technology. For our training software, we also rely on AI software, among other things, to perfectly prepare and further educate employees. This involves incorporating the factor of positive emotions in modern learning. Of course, we always retain full data sovereignty and determine the content ourselves. Overall, the satisfaction of our customers and respect for people is the focus of our work.“

Normatec Werkzeugtechnik Steffen Fasselt

Steffen Fasselt

Head of IT and Digital Processes at NORMATEC