Project management

We ensure that sheet metal parts are ready on time and in the best quality.


We know how complex and challenging the production process is, especially at locations in Asia and Southern Europe. But we support you with our experience in all tasks in all parts of the world.

Acceleration of SOP

  • Optimization of staff and production capacities

  • Reduction of downtime

  • Faster series ramp up

Management in quality assurance of individual parts and joining process for assembly

  • Support of the final quality control of the tools in the production plant

  • Checking the tool spotting picture on the series production press

  • Evaluation of the measurement reports and determination of an action plan

  • Optimization of the tool spotting picture and dimensional corrections for the individual parts
  • Support for automation, laser cutting, optimization of the quality and measurement concept, decisions for optimizations of measuring and welding fixtures, planning of internal and external capacities, interaction of single part and assembly quality, preparation of an issue list for single parts & complete assemblies, including coordination and detailed planning of tasks to do in cooperation with the different departments and sub-suppliers of the customer
  • Support for tool surface scanning (e.g. GOM method) and reverse engineering

Coordination of hemming and assembly including robot programming

  • KUKA robot (with certificate “VW Vass 5 for KUKA Krc4”)

  • FANUC robots (with certificate “FANUC Certificate Visual”)

  • ABB robot (with certificate IRC5)

  • COMAU robot (practical experience only)

  • For the processes hemming (over top hemming and roller hemming technology), MIG welding, gluing, spot welding, riveting, SERRA, TOX®Presso technology, camera technology Vision (Eines & Isra Vision), screwing (Technik Rexroth)

Where and when we become active

  • At the external tool shop (supplier of the customer) – here mainly the tools for the production of high-strength and ultra-high-strength reinforcement parts are procured

  • At the external suppliers for purchased parts of the customer – here mainly the high-strength and ultra-high-strength reinforcement parts are procured

  • In the customer’s in-house tool shop – where usually only large tools for Class A parts and the related inner parts are manufactured
  • In the customer’s in-house press shop – which is the usual production of outer skin panels and other large body parts

  • At the external press shop (the customer’s supplier) – these are usually press part manufacturers located near to the car manufacturer. Here the quality of the individual part has to be assured
  • In the customer’s in-house body shop – this is where the body-in-white is welded. Jigs and fixtures have to be adapted, robots programmed, and the quality of the assembly checked. It is not uncommon to go back to the external press shop and have parts modified there in order to join them better or to enforce the body-in-white

Our services with external suppliers in toolmaking and press shop

  • Tool status tracking – also in Southern Europe and Asia
  • Creation and control of schedules and action plans to achieve the required targets between tool supplier and customer
  • Planning of tool pre-buy off (bench and press)
  • Execution of the independent tool pre-buy off acceptance at sub-suppliers
  • Evaluation of die changes
  • Single part as well as ZSB support incl. the associated production facilities in purchased parts management at the suppliers on site
  • Support of the change management
  • Support in tool procurement in Asia and Southern Europe
  • Analysis of production capacities and securing of delivery dates
  • Evaluation of measurement protocols, defect protocols of the individual part & assembly
  • Support of laser cutting
  • Measurement and quality concept, incl. verification of CMM reports and measuring fixtures
  • Optimization of quality of the single parts for assembly / for joining process
  • Optimization of hemming tools
  • Interface between body shop, tool shop, service providers and suppliers
  • Correction loops, capacity planning, part and assembly quality
  • Tool surfaces scanning and data and reverse design change

„Timing is particularly important here. Unfortunately, you can never make up for the time lost in a project at the beginning due to errors. This is because errors, undetected at this stage, lead to massive delays. Therefore, the mandatory basis of every project is to precisely control the design, the selected manufacturing method and the connected processes. Only then will it work.“

Anton Hafner

Director of Operations at NORMATEC