Press and stamping tools

We meet new demands in material, accuracy, processing.


Electric drives of any kind require lightweight construction. And lightweight construction requires new materials, material compositions and processing techniques.

Steel and aluminum structures are now an integral part of crash-proof car bodies in series production vehicles.

Lightweight construction means, among other things, the use of intelligent material combinations, high-strength and ultra-high-strength sheet metal with reduction of sheet thickness, the use of lighter materials, such as aluminum, and the reduction of parts by components of aluminum die-casting technology.

We can support you practically in all areas of production – whether in steel or aluminum, both in cold or hot forming technology – and guarantee you: TOOLING PERFECTION – Maximum precision, maximum productivity.

Our services in tooling

NORMATEC offers support in tooling for cold and hot forming of sheet metal as well as press and stamping technology. The focus is on services related to tooling and assemblies. This includes, among other things, the assembly of the tool in the customer’s tool shop, preventive maintenance, try out on the series press and support for the start of series production of entire assemblies, including hemming, robot programming, welding processes and quality control.

How we increase productivity and reduce costs

  • Reduce downtime to the minimum, eliminate sources of interference
  • Maximum productivity (strokes/minute)

  • Long-term compliance with process reliability

  • Dimensional accuracy of pressed and stamped parts and their repeatability

  • Support for commissioning of press and stamping tools, for class A parts, all types of structure parts (high-strength material and aluminum)

  • Optimization of our customers’ tools for serial production, e.g. in terms of automatization, optimal part seats, etc.
  • Additional cost reduction through blank size optimization and thus reduction of material usage

Our know-how includes practically all types of tools

  • Class A parts – sheet metal and aluminum
  • Press line tools

  • Transfer tools

  • Progressive dies

  • Hot forming tools

  • Aluminum die casting tools

  • Tools for high speed stamping
  • Hemming tools

Quality of parts in the assembly

  • Support in automation and in the joining process including adjustments of fixtures and, if necessary, also of contact surfaces of the individual parts and new optimization of the tool spotting picture to ensure the repeatability of the individual part.

The spectrum of our tooling services

We support you in all phases of tooling-lifetime – and procurement for outer skin parts, structural parts, aluminum and hot formed parts.

  • Active support of the supplier in case of quality problems
  • Tool pre-acceptance
  • New tooling assembly according to the tooling standard and project-specific specifications
  • Try out and spotting picture works
  • Check of externally procured tools, spotting pictures and basic functions
  • Final buy off of externally manufactured tools on the series press
  • Optimization of tool automation
  • Optimization of hemming tools
  • Corrections and elimination of sources of malfunction, e.g. problems in the scrap fall out.
  • Checking and improvement of the tool spotting picture on the production press
  • Surface work on Class A- and other visible parts
  • Dimensional accuracy of pressed / stamped parts and ensuring repeatability.
  • Transfer capability, optimal part nesting, etc.
  • Optimization of tools for mass production at high stroke rates, incl. sensor technology.
  • Blank optimization, i.e. the greatest possible saving
  • We build the tools according to German quality criteria. I.e. top quality through high precision already in the tool assembly, f.e. by improving the spotting picture of the steel inserts.
  • Preventive maintenance to avoid breakage and higher costs.
  • For repairs, sustainable solutions, with higher security
  • Adaptation of tools in case of tool relocation to new presses, incl. spotting picture works
  • Control, optimization and buy off of part quality

„We adhere to our customers’ tooling specs, work stringently with our customers’ checklists and, through our try out experts, meet the quality requirements for the pressed parts to be produced. Only those who master all these 3 disciplines can satisfy customers in our market.“

Normatec Werkzeugtechnik – Ihr Kontakt Manuel Sanchez

Manuel Sánchez

General Manager at NORMATEC